Mika’s Basic Red Sangria Recipe (How to make red or white sangria)

Mika's Red Sangria

Sangria is an alcoholic beverage originating  from Spain or Portugal, made by mixing wine with fruits, sweeteners, and a dash of brandy.  It is often served like a “punch” at social gatherings, and most often in the summer time over ice – when fruits are ripe, and people feel like drinking something sweet and cold. [...]

Pizza Bread Rolls

Pizza Rolls

Earlier this month, I posted a recipe for Carrot Ginger Walnut Sweet Rolls.  I love making sweet/filled rolls… they make a great breakfast, dessert, or afternoon snack.  Filled rolls also are great for a crowd – one recipe usually makes 16 servings – so it’s a great dish to make and bring to a potluck. [...]

Perfect Medium Rare Beef Ribeye Steak using a Big Green Egg BBQ Grill

Perfect Medium Rare Beef Ribeye Steaks on the Big Green Egg Charcoal Grill

Recently, we decided to invest in a “Big Green Egg” Charcoal Grill.   The Big Green Egg is a “Kamado” style grill - a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal fired earthen vessel used as  a stone or oven.  It uses natural lump charcoal to sear, roast, or smoke any meat of your choice.  This cooker is [...]

Carrot Ginger Walnut Sweet Rolls

Carrot Ginger Walnut Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Happy Spring!  Here’s one of my new recipes… a carrot ginger-walnut roll, similar to a cinnamon roll.  The dough is made with pureed carrots, and the filling flavored with ground ginger – for a interesting variation on the sweet roll.  Topped with a salty-sweet rich cream cheese frosting, this is a wonderful pastry to serve [...]