Ombré (Blue or Pink) Baby Shower Gender Reveal Cake


Recently, a friend of mine asked me to bake a cake for a small gender reveal gathering of close friends and family.  I guess all the bakeries she contacted will not bake a blue or pink cake… they will only use blue or pink filling for a white cake (which she didn’t want).  I can [...]

Homemade Passionfruit and Apple Cider syrup cocktails: The Avenue & The Ciderhouse Whiskey

Homemade syrup cocktails:  "Ciderhouse Whiskey" served on the rocks, and "The Avenue" served up

Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at craft cocktails… trying to come up with interesting and delicious drinks to serve to my friends when they come over for dinner!  I’ve made a bunch of different martinis that have had good reviews… the Roy’s Hawaiian Martini, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Drop Martini, Pear Martini, and the Thai Coconut Lemongrass [...]

Purple Sweet Potato Casserole (Purple Yam Casserole)

Purple Sweet Potato Casserole

About a year ago, I started getting a farm box of produce delivered to my door once a month.  (This is a really great way to try interesting and weird produce that the regular market doesn’t carry.)  Well, last winter, I ordered “purple yams”… and wow, those were soooo good!  I made a sweet buttery [...]