Tortuga “Florida Orange Rum Cake” Copycat

Copycat of Tortuga "Florida Orange Rum Cake"

On our recent trip to Florida, we picked up some “taste of Florida” Tortuga rum cake sampler packs.  The sampler pack contained three flavors: Florida Orange, Key Lime, and Coconut.  The Florida Orange Rum Cake was my favorite… and for the low price of $26.95… I could have another one mailed direct from the Cayman [...]

Homemade Lime or Lemon Curd (and safe home canning of lemon curd)


Lemon Curd (or Lime Curd) is a very versatile “fruit spread”.  You can use it as an alternative to jam or jelly, as a cake or pie filling, or as a custard-like topping to spoon over desserts.  It has a wonderful tart (yet sweet) flavor, and is thick and rich.  I like to use lemon [...]

Coconut Palm Sugar Cookies


Palm sugar is made from the sweet sap of the Coconut Palm tree.  The sap is collected, boiled until thick, then allowed to cool and solidify into round discs.  I saw this sugar for the first time at the Vietnamese Market – it was next to the rock sugar that I was buying, and I [...]

Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce


Over Thanksgiving, we decided to skip the turkey… and took a cruise down to the Caribbean instead.  Our second port-of-call was Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side of St. Martin.  We took a tour over to the French side of the island, and stopped for lunch in the seaside town of Marigot.  Now, after eating cruise [...]