S’mores Cookie

S'mores Cookies

Last week, my husband’s sister and her husband moved down from Sacramento to San Diego.  One of their last stops in Sacramento, before making the final drive down South, was to a local bakery called the “Cookie Connection.”  They got a huge stack of cookies for the road (and some extra to share)… Oatmeal Raisin, [...]

Avocado-Cilantro Pesto with Spaghetti

Avocado Cilantro Pesto with Spaghetti

It’s still avocado season, here in San Diego!    Sometimes at the market, I can find wonderful deals on avocados… 5 for $5.  Or, if we get lucky, friends who have avocado trees will drop off a bag or two.  (I tried planting a Hass avocado tree 3 years ago, but it died!) When I [...]

Awkward Panda Cookies (Rolled Cookie Dough with Royal Icing decoration – without cookie cutters!)

Awkward Panda Cookie

My brother-in-law is in town this week – his production company is promoting their “Awkward Animal” line of stuffed animals at Comic-con.  These stuffed animals are SO freaking cute!!!!  They have a panda, rhino, turtle, bunny, octopus, frog, elephant, and penguin.  My favorite one, though, it the Awkward Panda.  He’s just so silly and adorable!  [...]

Banh Khoai Mi Nuong (Vietnamese Baked Cassava or Yuca Cake)

Banh Khoai Mi Nuong (Cassava Cake)

A few days ago, a good friend of mine had a housewarming party.  She had a lot of really good food and all kinds of wonderful desserts and sweet treats.  One of her friends brought over a delicious homemade Vietnamese dessert called “Banh Khoai Mi Nuong” (or “Cassava Cake”).  The cake was cut into small squares, and [...]

Old Fashioned Southern Coca Cola Cake (Chocolate Coke Cake)

Coca Cola Cake

A few weeks ago, someone left an unopened 20 oz. bottle of Coca Cola at our house.  I left it in the refrigerator… but my husband doesn’t drink soda, and I prefer diet Coke over regular.  What was I going to do with this bottle of Coke taking up space in my refrigerator?  My problem [...]