Microwave Fried Egg

Microwave "Fried" Egg

Sometimes for breakfast I like to have a single fried egg on an English muffin – but I don’t really want to go through all the trouble to actually take out a pan and fry an egg!  When I tried to microwave eggs in the past… they always exploded all over the microwave and made [...]

Cake Batter Fudge aka “Birthday Cake Fudge” (No bake recipe, made with boxed cake mix)

cake batter fudge1

In my free time, I like to go through the “food & drink” section of Pinterest, and drool all over the delicious looking photos.  Making the rounds around Pinterest… I’ve seen several links for versions of “Cake Batter Fudge”.  After seeing the pictures of Cake Batter Fudge over and over… I couldn’t take it anymore, [...]

Homemade Mini Quiche Appetizers (quick microwave recipe)

Mini Quiche Appetizers

With several holidays just around the corner… Halloween, Thanksgiving… and all the December holidays… many of us may need appetizer recipes that are easy to prep and serve.  Mini quiches are the answer!  You can make the tart shells for these mini quiches a few days ahead of time, then add whatever ingredients you have [...]

Easy Microwave Candy: Chocolate Walnut Fudge & White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Easy microwave walnut fudge & white chocolate peppermint bark

Every Christmas, I like to make a big batch of Christmas Candy to give away to friends and neighbors.  The easiest to make are my Chocolate Walnut Fudge and my White Chocolate Peppermint Bark recipes… mainly because these two candy recipes are made entirely in the microwave.  It could not be any easier! For the [...]

Apple Pie Mochi and Pumpkin Pie Mochi

Apple Pie Mochi and Pumpkin Pie Mochi

After figuring out how to make Daifuku Mochi (Sweet Red Bean Mochi) a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about all the other types of Mochi that I could now make.  I have some Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort) growing in the garden… and eventually those leaves will end up as Kusa Mochi (one of my most favorite [...]

Daifuku Mochi (Microwave Mochi with Sweet Red Bean filling)

Homemade Microwave Daifuku Mochi

Mochi is one of my most favorite treats to eat… I LOVE mochi!  It’s so hard to come by though… Where we live, the nearest Japanese market is (at least) a 30 minute drive, and we don’t go down that way very often.  Also, I’ve noticed that Mitsuwa Market has reduced their “fresh food/bakery” section [...]

3-2-1 Sponge Cake (Single serve microwave sponge cake)

3-2-1 Microwave Sponge Cake

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about this “3-2-1 cake” online…  It’s supposed to be a really easy single serving cake to make in the microwave using a rice bowl or a mug (which is great if you don’t want to have an entire whole cake lingering around your kitchen).  **Cough** …portion control… **Cough** (You [...]