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Welcome to my kitchen!

I started baking at a very early age – my Japanese mother was very strict about food and never allowed any sweets (including sugary breakfast cereal) in the house.  So I learned – if I wanted to eat something sweet – I would have to make it myself!  I remember experimenting at the age 4 or 5 when I decided I wanted pancakes.  I pulled up a stool to the stove, added some sugar to eggs, then cooked it up while my dad watched me from the corner (Yes, I thought that pancakes were just eggs mixed with sugar).  I didn’t end up eating those “pancakes” (my dad actually ate them – he has always been very supportive of my “experiments”) – but that was the beginning of it all.

The phrase, “You are NOT allowed to have any cake!!!” has probably inspired me to bake and cook more than anything else across my entire life.

Since then, I’ve never been afraid of experimenting with food.  How else can one learn, if not by doing?  I love figuring out how to make my favorite foods, and sometimes I will try a recipe several times (changing things here and there) until I get it just right.  Sometimes there are failures, but those failures help me make it better next time.

How would I define my cooking style?  Probably an eclectic pan-Asian/Californian “anything goes” style (If that makes any sense at all…).

Come join the baking adventures of a formerly sugar-deprived woman, as I share all the cooking and baking secrets that I’ve learned from trial and error throughout the years.  (Including some savory dishes too of course – one cannot survive on just sugar alone!)  Who knows where the journey will lead…


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