South African Fudge Recipe

Homemade South African Fudge

My husband isn’t much of a ‘foodie’.  He doesn’t get all crazy about food the way I do… unless… it’s something sweet.  He LOVES desserts.  One day, several years ago, he was reminiscing about the amazing fudge that he used to buy while in primary school in Capetown, South Africa; “It’s creamy, not chocolaty, and [...]

South African Milk Tart (Melktert)

South African Milk Tart

“Milk Tart”  is a very common specialty from South Africa – and is also one of my husband’s most favorite childhood desserts.  You can purchase Milk Tart (a.k.a. Melktert) in markets or bakeries all around Cape Town – or like most people, just make it at home to serve as a dessert or an accompaniment with [...]