Homemade Kona Coffee Ice Cream

Homemade Kona Coffee Ice Cream

Today’s high (temperature) was 90 Degrees (F)!  (32.33 Degrees C).  That’s pretty hot for San Diego in April!  Growing up in “The Valley*”, a high of 90 Degrees wasn’t really a big deal… I mean we had days over 100 degrees pretty often.  Back then, we didn’t have “snow days”.  We had “heat days”.  But [...]

Low Sugar Fresh Strawberry Jam (How to make and water bath can strawberry jam)

Homemade Low-Sugar Fresh Strawberry Jam

Over the weekend, we visited the Carlsbad Strawberry Company‘s “U-Pick” strawberry fields.  For $20, they give you a large KFC sized paper bucket (and two adult admission tickets), and you can go down the rows of strawberries to pick and fill up your bucket.  This was a really fun experience – our little nephew had [...]

Decorated Cupcakes ideas for a Baby Shower: Fondant flowers and Baby Pea in a Pod


This past weekend, I made cupcakes for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.   I wanted to make something really special for them… and when my sister-in-law requested cupcakes, I figured I would try using fondant to make some cute decorations.  On pinterest, I saw a cute idea for “baby in a pea pod” cupcakes… and thought [...]

Mika’s Cooked Egg Yolk Butter Cookie Recipe

Egg Yolk Butter Cookies

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with baking.  Even in elementary school, if I saw a recipe that looked interesting, I would copy it down (with pen and paper – no iPhone to snap pictures back then!) and save it to try later.  I remember one of those moments, when I was in [...]