Kalimotxo (Spanish red wine and coke cocktail) a.k.a. “Calimocho”

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Kalimotxo (aka "Calimocho")

I don’t often drink regular Coke (Diet Coke is my soda of choice)… but when we do end up with a leftover bottle of regular Coca Cola in the refrigerator… KALIMOTXO time!!!!  What is Kalimotxo (sometimes spelled “Calimocho”)???? Well, it’s a very simple Spanish cocktail made with half Coke and half cheap red wine, served over ice.

Don’t use any good red wine for this… you don’t need good quality wine for Kalimotxo!  Use leftover red wine, 2 buck chuck, or wine from a box.  If you have half a liter of Coke leftover… it’s even easier to make Kalimotxo… just pour the red wine into the Coke bottle, and voila!  (I’ve even heard of people making this drink by mixing wine and Coke in a plastic bag… so no need to be fussy, just mix and enjoy!)

When I was at the supermarket the other day… they had a clearance rack of boxed wine, so I picked up a cube of “red blend” for $10 (that’s the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine for $2.50 each).  Wine in a box comes in handy for recipes… it lasts for a really long time in the refrigerator, and you don’t have the pressure to finish an open bottle if you don’t drink very much.  Often, I need just a 1/2 cup here for something, or 1 cup for something else… and the wine in a box seems to last practically forever, due to the design of the vacuum pouch.  Today’s boxed wines aren’t bad… not the same as the boxed wines from yesterday – so give it a try if you have a chance.

Kalimotxo (2 servings):

Use regular coke and any cheap red wine.

  • 1/2 c. regular Coke
  • 1/2 c. cheap red wine
  • lime garnish (optional)

1.  Pour coke and red wine into a measuring cup.  (You can do this in larger volumes if you want – just keep the ratio of 1 part Coke to 1 part red wine… and keep in mind that the Coke will lose carbonation, so you don’t want to make too much in advance.)

2. Pour over ice, garnish with a lime.  Enjoy!