Mohnkuchen (Austrian Poppy Seed Cake)


(Original Post Date:  December 17, 2010) I love this poppy seed cake.  It is so rich and buttery, and tastes so wonderful when it’s nice and warm – fresh out of the oven.  Serve it with a cup of tea for an afternoon snack, or for dessert. Poppy seeds can be expensive, but I seem [...]

Austrian Sweet Poppy Seed Rolls: Mohnkranzerl aus Hefeteig

Austrian poppy seed rolls

(Original Post Date:  September 12, 2010) This afternoon, I felt like baking something… something new and interesting.  So I google searched for Austrian recipes, as I had Mohnkuchen (Austrian Poppy Seed Cake) in mind.  Instead, I stumbled across this recipe for Poppy Seed Bread, erroneously under the heading of “German food”.  Although there are similarities, German food [...]